Employment Verification

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How to Verify Employment

Verification Types

We understand that requestors need employment verifications returned as quickly as possible. We offer two options for Employment Verification: Basic or Custom Verification as described below. Regardless of which option you choose, ALL EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATIONS REQUIRE COMPLETION OF THE TOP OF OUR FORM FOUND AT THE LINK BELOW. Please indicate which option you prefer.

Basic Employment Verifications are provided via our form which you can download from the link below. You must complete the upper part of that form and email it to us at Info@DFWSecurityProtectiveForce.com or fax it to us at (817) 831-2112. The information we return to you will include Dates of Employment, Position Held and, in certain circumstances such as judicial compulsion, Salary at time of Termination. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for delivery via email/fax.

Custom Employment Verifications provide you the same information described above but on a form provided by you. We will complete your form ONLY if it is accompanied by a completed top portion of our form from the link below. You may send BOTH FORMS to us at Info@DFWSecurityProtectiveForce.com or fax them to us at (817) 831-2112. Custom Employment Verifications require 5 to 7 business days to complete.

Download our Employment Verification Form