Security Services

Some of our many hats

What We Do

Sentry Duty

Your gates, ticket collectors and other portals are kept orderly by well-groomed and smartly attired, firm yet cordial guards.

Roving Patrols

No perimeter is too desolate, rugged or intimidating for us. Our Officers will traverse your rounds at times you designate.

Armed Protection

Every guard who carries a sidearm has been thoroughly trained in its safe, effective and responsibly restrained use.

Investigative Cases

Identified or under-cover investigators can assist you with asset protection, loss prevention, probes and other inquests.

Alarm Systems

From advice to installation through monitoring and maintence, we prevent intrusion with the latest detection technology.

Secure Escorts

Whether a diva's barrier from the paparazzi or a terminated employee's chaperon to the door, our body guards are the best in the business.

Judicial Officers

We can staff your courtroom, serve documents, assist with probationary actions, guard facilities, provide correctional officers and more.

Continuous Training

Our instructors are certified to teach cources in Security Guard I - IV designations, concealed carry permits, first aid, self-defense and other specialties.

Well-rounded resources are...well...relaxing...


It takes more than just a patch...

Backed by the Best

With DFW Security Protective force, we don't have to worry about whether guards are showing up or patrolling the way we want them to. More than that, they continue to impress us with efforts beyond the call of duty and advice we value greatly. Thank you DFW SPF.