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Roy S. Stanford

Mr. Roy “Stan” Stanford has been in the private security services industry for thirty (31) years serving in numerous senior managerial positions involving operations, quality assurance, business development with a special emphasis in training.

Stan is considered by many in the industry as a subject matter expert and has extensive experience in business development, operations, training, curriculum development, physical security, and personnel security. Prior to accepting the position with DFW Security Protective Services, he was an employee of Academi Training LLC NCR, formerly known as Protective Services Training Academy (PSTA).

Stan was one the early graduates of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) National Weapons Detection Training Program (NWDTP). He has used his NWDTP Instructor certification to assist both delegated and non-delegated federal facilities with their screening requirements. Stan’s career has included assisting in the development of and conducting lethal and non-lethal training for armed contract Protective Security Officer’s (PSO’s) providing private security guard services to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Protection Programs Directorate (NPPD), and Federal Protective Services (FPS).

As a Quality Assurance Inspector, Stan performed site inspections, contractual compliance and officer readiness assessments. In April 2002 Stan was selected by the Anti-Terrorism Task Force of the New York City Metro Transit Authority (MTA), to assist with vulnerability assessments of existing transportation infrastructure. Stan has also performed OCONUS training assisting the security management operations of the Afghan Close Protection Training Academy, a contract awarded through the United States Department of State, Anti-Terrorism Task Force and Afghan Government.

DFW Security Protective Force is proud to offer the invaluable service of such an accomplished industry expert to you.

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