• Security-Monitor
    Solid commitment
    DFW Security Protective Force has earned a well-deserved reputation for
    professionalism from the most experienced and best trained guards
    backed by comprehensive planning and expert management.
  • Professional-Security
    Exemplary Performance
    Here you will find a refreshingly better approach to on-site security,
    guard patrol, asset protection and risk reduction. Trusted and relied upon nation-wide,
    DFW Security Protective Force can help you too.
  • National-Security
    National Strength
    From coast to coast, DFW Security Protective Force has been keeping
    complex enterprise operations safe and our customers sleep sound
    for over a decade.
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Consummate Professionals

Our ranks are filled with valor, honor and respect for duty - hundreds of years of experience at your fingertips.


Onsite, remote, real-time reports, live feeds, armed, certified - we have the resources to ensure your comfort.


We don't just show up. We plan meticulously, train intensely and manage & adapt those plans. Daily.

Immaculate Record

All the bluster in the world can't replace a decade of recognized customer satisfaction with our spotless service.

We Suit Your Needs


Security Expertise

  • Responsive Service

    Our goal is to support your goal. Our proven management guidelines flex to accommodate your realities.

  • Deep Roots

    From our founding Brigade Commander through our distinguished Officers, we've been providing security long before our 2002 inception.

  • Sensible Control

    We observe and report in the context of your environment. From special events to the most secure research laboratories, we support all size jobs in the manner you expect.

  • Perpetually Training

    Certified at multiple Peace Officer, firearm, first aid and other training levels, we are serious about latest best practices to secure your sites, protect your investments and keep everybody safe.

  • Proactive Managers

    We manage jobs, contingencies, outfitting, logistics, communication - all the things you don't have to worry about.

  • Intelligent Design

    We invest heavily in readiness, technology and retention to keep our dedicated staff current, efficient and motivated. That means something.

  • Secured Security

    Well bonded, insured and licensed across States, we work to minimize exposure to chaos. We understand your aversion to public, incidental and legal risk.

  • Awesome Staff

    Who hasn't been frustrated with support? That's why we insist on a caliber of personnel unmatched in the industry. You're in for a real treat on support and service calls.

Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.

John Allen Paulos